Historian's Corner

Charlene Cole
Sandy Creek/Lacona Historian
Historian's Corner
March 6, 2017

When the History of Oswego County Bicentennial book was written, each historian was asked to include ten little known facts about their town. These are the facts I included because they are interesting.

1. California Block - a "business block" built in 1854 from money that the owner acquired at the California gold rush. It was a three story building and held many businesses until a winter storm in January 1912 when it burned to the ground. (Today the site of Ainsworth Library and village park)

2. The Plank Road (Salt Road - Rt. 11) which connected Syracuse to Watertown and ran through Sandy Creek was built in 1849 and attributed to our early prosperity.

3. Salisbury House/Hotel – the first town meeting was held on the first Tuesday in May 1825

4. Sandy Creek Newspaper (1861-1985) - Holstein-Friesian World- Corse Press

5. Greene Point property has been owned and operated by descendants of the original settlers to this area. (Stephen Lindsey) The property has seen many changes over the years, from cattle grazing to the 1905 cottages that Captain Lindsey Greene and his wife, Faith, built to welcome the public to beautiful Greene Point. Today the Green Point family continues to welcome the public nearly 111 years later.

6. Early settlers came to the area in 1803; the first death occurred in that year (Eunice Lindsey) and the first white child was born 1805 (Laura Hurd)

7. Sandy Creek Wood Manufacture Company manufactured pie plates, hardwood veneer and butter dishes in 1884 and was built on the site of the first tannery (1826). 

8. This town can boast from 1803 to current times 28 Doctors – 3 Optometrists –and 9 Dentists and 13 Drugstores

9. Sandy Pond - In 1803 Stephen Lindsey, William Skinner and the Noyes families came here with household goods loaded upon ox-sleds along the scarcely opened State Road through Redfield and Boylston. Rail City- Scenic Highway Route 3- was the first steam operating railroad museum in the United States.

10. Lacona Depot was the hub of village activity for more than a century. Summer residents traveled by train to stay at camps on Sandy Pond. Not only were passengers traveling daily through the depot but the mail for the two post offices was brought and sent on the train and local farmers sent milk and eggs to outside markets. The area’s two largest industries, Blount Lumber Company and Corse Press, utilized the train station for their products.

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