About the Sandy Creek History Center and Charlene Cole

Charlene Cole was appointed historian for the Town and Village of Sandy Creek and the Village of Lacona in August 2001. Since the appointment many grants have been written and awarded.

A grant was written to build a fire-safe room, humidity controls, the 1803-2003 Early Settlers Bicentennial, equipment and currently a preservation grant for two 100 year old advertisement panels.

An immaging and scanning project has been implemented and paid for by the town and both villages. This project will span several years and has allowed us to share many photos with researchers and local businesses.

A research room has been created and we are busy indexing and putting research aids onto computers and CD's for the public to quickly access information. The hours for the facitlity are Fridays from 9am to 3pm OR by appointment! I can be reached at 315-387-5456 x 7 and will gladly set up an appointment for researchers to visit the center.

As I enter my 16th year as historian we continue the work of preserving the history of the town and villages. The old Blount Parker Employee building (Sandy Creek Town Hall) has been renovated and we look forward to showing visitors through the facility.

Cemetery work continues as we document abandoned cemeteries and begin the work of documenting Woodlawn Cemetery. There was no record of every veteran buried in Woodlawn and now the project is done.

The Boylston/Sandy Creek/Wesleyan Cemetery book is complete and can be purchased at the town hall. Pictures of all stones have been taken and as with the other cemetery books will include a map. The book is in color and costs $20.

The 150th Anniversary Civil War booklet can be purchased at the town hall for $10. Sandy Creek soldiers, letters from the battlefield, pictures of some soldiers and battles "our" soldiers fought in.

The Farming in the Towns of Sandy Creek and Boylston has been printed and is $20

The third and last historic marker was installed on the location of the Salisbury House. The first marker "The Big Cheese" and the second documented the "Lacona Depot."