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Bicentennial Program

Sandy Creek History Center will host a program called CHASING TRAINS - THE HISTORY OF RAIL CITY – presented by Bob Groman, Saturday, June 4 at 7PM at the Sandy Creek Town Hall, 1992 Harwood Drive, Sandy Creek, NY.

RailCity Museum was considered to be the first steam operating railroad museum in the United States.  It was located in the Oswego County Town of Sandy Creek on the shores of Sandy Pond.  The railroad park opened on the same day as the first Disneyland in California - July 4, 1955.  In its first year it hosted over 30,000 visitors.  Visitors to Rail City could take a 1.5 mile train ride behind a live steam locomotive on the shores of Sandy Pond. Ride on vintage firefighting equipment, climb a 70 foot high 50,000 gallon railroad water tower, ride in a horse-drawn street car, attempt to ride wild Mexican Burros, or pump the railroad workmen's "Hand Cars" on a side track. 

Bob utilized his photo collection and subsequent research and for many years operated the Rail City Historical Museum on the former site of Rail City and will share all of his research, photographs, and 16 mm digitized film in a fascinating one hour presentation.


West Primary School

The Doctors of Sandy Creek book is published and can be purchased at the Sandy Creek Town and Village office. All our local history books make great gifts. We are currently working on a book about  “One Room Schools” in the town and its villages..

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